About Us

About Surf:

Surf is a Kenyan Internet Service Provider focused on delivering radically affordable internet to Kenyan Consumers. We offer three types of services:

  • Surf@Home: unlimited home internet service available for apartments in many Eastlands locations
  • Surfspot: high-speed public wifi hotspot internet service available in many Eastlands and CBD market areas and chill spots
  • Digital Advertising: we offer advertisers the ability to serve digital video ads to all of our Surfspot users, which in return for watching the video, get FREE internet access on our Surfspots

Our headquarters are in the Purshottam Building, Westlands, Nairobi.

Want to learn more? Read our help section below or contact us at:



Call 0790 669 919 M-S, 9am to 6pm

Text us at  0790 669 919 anytime

Need help?

What is Surfspot?

Surfspot is an internet service provided through the Surfspot wifi network that is located throughout Eastlands and CBD. To use Surfspot, you go to a Surfspot wifi hotspot and sign up. Once you are signed up, you can use any Surfspot location.

How do Surfspots work?

Once you’ve connected to a Surfspot wifi hotspot and signed up for a Surfspot account, you can access the internet by watching an ad to get free internet. You can also buy an affordable plan from an agent or by using M-Pesa. You can access the internet with any device that is able to connect to a wifi network including smart phones, tablets and computers.

Where can I find Surfspots?

You can go to this map OR you can visit http://surfspot.surf.co.ke with your device (GPS must be turned on) and click "Find Agents and Surfspots Near You".

How fast are Surfspots?

Surfspot speeds can reach up to 10 Mbps. That’s fast enough to stream videos, download movies or photos, and do all the surfing you’d like on the internet.

At what times during the day can I use Surfspots?

Most Surfspots are available 24 hours a day; however, availability at some Surfspots may vary based on location.

What kind of phone or device do I need to get online at a Surfspot?

Surfspots can be used on any device that has the ability to connect to a wifi network. To use Surfspot on your phone, you must have a smartphone. If your phone can’t connect to wifi, you can sign up with your phone number as long as you have it to validate your number. You can then use a tablet or laptop to access the internet.

Can I get a Surfspot at my home or business?

We offer our unlimited home service, called Surf@Home, for apartments in many Eastlands neighborhoods. We do not offer business services. If you are a business and want to partner to offer Surfspots for your customers at your locations, contact us at info@surf.co.ke and let's talk!

How do I pay for a Surfspot bundle?

You can pay for Surfspot bundles using M-Pesa (no extra fees) or you can buy a voucher from an agent. For M-Pesa, go to Lipa Na M-Pesa, till number is 199265.

Can I have more than one Surfspot plan at the same time?

You can only have one plan associated with a single account. Once you have used all of your data or your plan has expired you may buy another plan or watch another advert for a free plan.

Can someone else log into my Surfspot account?

Someone can only log in to your account if you given have them your login details i.e phone number and password. If you think your a/c is compromised, consider creating a new password.

How many devices can use my account?

Only one device may be used at a time for each account. However, you can use the "device switching" option to change devices within a single account.

Is my personal information safe?

We don’t store your payment details and we won’t share any of your personal information with anyone.

Who owns Surf?

Surfspot is the trading name of a new Kenyan company, Boelist Investments LTD. The parent company of Boelist Investments LTD is a US-based startup.

What is the Surfspot's Lipa na M-Pesa till number?

Our Lipa na M-Pesa till number is 199265. To pay for Surfspot, use the M-Pesa "Buy Goods and Services" option.

When does my Surfspot plan become active?

You can activate your plan after you complete your order payment and receive your confirmation code from M-Pesa. You must then input your M-Pesa confirmation code into your account to activate your plan.

How do I see how much data I’ve used or how much time I have left?

You can see your account usage by logging into your account. Your usage bar is on the front login page.

Is my data safe when I’m using a Surfspot?

Using a Surfspot is just as safe as accessing at any wifi hotspot. Surfspot tracks data usage but only so we can see how much data you’ve used on your plan. We will never share any of this information such as the websites you’ve gone to or files you’ve downloaded.
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